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Single Vineyard

The Back-up Plan

Petit Verdot

2014 RRP $39.50

When the Shaw boys all showed signs of joining the family business they were reminded of Richard’s philosophy of always having a back-up plan. He collected dozens of tractors so that there was never less than two ready for every implement, usually a few to spare, and each of the boys had to have a truck licence, just in case. As a result they’ve never been caught short in the vineyard and this Petit Verdot exhibits the character you would expect from such dedication.

Tasting Notes

Petit Verdot first gained fame as a blending grape, but there are now numerous phenomenal standalone Petit Verdot wines, such as this one. The fruit for this wine is sourced from our Currency Creek vineyards and picked later in the season, once the ideal flavour development is achieved. Fermented for approximately 7 days , it is then pressed into a combination of French and American oak. The wine was then oak aged for 24 months to soften the tannins and add vanillin, toasty flavours.

2014 RRP $39.50


Case of 6